Phenolic resins offer such favorable properties as heat resistance, flame retardancy, low smoking, adhesiveness, good mechanical strength and good electrical properties, and great potential for modification.

Commercial Production of phenolic resins beagn in the early 20th century. Over this nearly 100-year history, phenolic resins have been used with good results in an incredible array of applications.

Today, phenolic resins play a crucial role in a wide range of industries. For example, they are used as a binder for abrasives and as an electronics material. In recent years, needs are evolving in fields such as metal bonding, carbon materials, electronic materials and structural materials as greater emphasis has been placed on properties such as corrosion resistance, fire resistance and high carbon residue. Showa Denko KK will continue its contribution to society as we strive to achieve higher quality and keep up with the increasingly diverse needs of industry.